Our drug candidates

AON-D21 (anti-C5a): Our lead program has completed Phase 1 clinical development with single and multiple doses.  AON-D21 shall be tested in critically ill patients in 2023/2024.

Efficacy of AON-D21 and related C5a-neutralizing L‑aptamers was shown in various preclinical studies, including translational models of pneumonia and sepsis, and in lung cancer, most effectively in combination with immune checkpoint inhibition.

The broad role of the target C5a as an orchestrator of the human immune system holds promise to expand the indication spectrum into further diseases where immune modulation is desirable.

AON-S08 (anti-IL8): AON-S08 is a sub-nanomolar inhibitor of interleukin-8 (also called CXCL8). This drug candidate is being evaluated in preclinical studies.